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Level 2 Diploma Water Sevicelayer

Course Unit: Level 2 Diploma Network Construction Operations Service Laying Water

Course Duration 15 Days


This is a nationally recognised course accredited by Energy and Utility Skills (EUS) to provide a consistent utility industry approach in line with HSE guidelines.  Registration as a Service Layer with EUSR is for a period of 5 years.

Regular courses are scheduled throughout the year, please call to book.


The following is a guide to the activities a competent water Service Layer would be expected to be able to perform although some units are optional:

  • Contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work environment – The operative should consistently work tidily and efficiently while carrying out their duties, maintaining an orderly work area, tools and equipment, and have the ability to communicate and work effectively with colleagues and others.
  • Contributing to health and safety in the workplace – The operative should be aware of their responsibility in respect of health and safety practices and procedures. They should be on the lookout for hazards, and when identified deal with them as appropriate. They will be expected to have an understanding of emergency procedures and be able to respond.
  • Operating powered tools and equipment – The operative should be able to operate powered tools and small plant in a safe and effective manner.
  • Preparing and maintaining the site on the public highway – The operative must be capable of establishing and maintaining the work site on the public highway, including signing, lighting and guarding as covered in Unit 2 of the NRSWA.
  • Locating and avoiding service apparatus and substructures – The operative must be capable of interpreting utility plans, identifying utility apparatus, locating underground apparatus using cable location equipment, appreciating the effects of damage to the apparatus and working around the apparatus safely as covered in Unit 1 of the NRSWA.
  • Excavating holes and trenches in ground and pavement structures – The operative must be capable of cutting/ sawing/ lifting various surfaces, excavating and supporting pits and trenches, supporting other services crossing the excavation and identifying and selecting suitable materials for reuse as covered in Unit 3 of the NRSWA.
  • Reinstating excavations and pavement surfaces – The operative must be capable of identifying soils, identifying road construction layers, reinstating excavations and construction layers for the various types of road construction and clearing site as covered in Units 4, 5, 6 and 9 of the NRSWA.
  • Installing Water Services and ancillary structures – The operative must be capable of preparing for and installing either mains or services in a variety of materials and using a variety of jointing techniques all in a satisfactory manner, whilst paying due regard to hygiene best practice, and must also have the necessary skills to construct meter/ stop valve chambers in pre-cast/ pre-formed materials.
  • Repairing faults/ damage to Water Services – the operative should be capable of repairing leaks/ damage to existing water services.


Classroom, Workshop based training and assessment.  Portfolio building

Pre Course Requirements

Candidates with on-site experience, including Gas and multi lay operatives, who ideally hold a Level 1 qualification

Who Should Attend?

Those carrying out Service Laying activities

Course Numbers

Maximum 8 learners.