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Trailer training

The B+E course is for car/van including trailer with a maximum mass of 3500kg.
This course is primarily for people who have passed their test after 1997, and will require a B+E licence to tow large trailers and caravans. Could also benefit anyone who have never towed but hold a licence prior to 1997.

Course Aim

To develop theoretical and practical knowledge to safely tow a larger trailer using a car or van to acquire the B+E licence.
Elements covered

  • Towing laws
  • Coupling/un-coupling
  • Loading
  • Manoeuvring and reversing
  • On road driving disciplines
  • Safe Handling of trailers


We offer a Free Assessment prior to your course booking, to help us determine the required time it will take to get you test ready. Our aim is to structure the course around you & work out the best lesson plan to have you confident heading into your test. Our courses range from 6-21 hours (including test) depending on level of experience.

Upon passing

Once you have passed your B+E Trailer test, your current licence will be sent away to be updated with the B+E entitlement.